How to bake Biped in 3d Max


To bake Biped in Max select controls you want to bake and follow steps showed in picture.

With love to Maya users.



WIP. Character special attack animation.

Animation, Drawing

This is animation test for 3d animation position in Amcon. They provided me with rigged, skinned mesh of heavy character and asked me to make special attack animation. This animation will be used in the fighting game like ONE PIECE: Pirate Warriors 3.

I did’t have much time and that’s what I managed to do:

I drew a story board. I thought it will be awesome to make the character stick his spear into the ground and add a special effect like earthquake, shock wave and cracks in the ground when the spear sticks into the ground. After that he leans back, getting ready to jump and fires like a bullet, making spin around the spear, hitting the enemies all around. And landing back, to the idle pose.

Here is blocking

I stopped between blocking and smoothing animation.

Work in progress..

Lifting heavy object

Animation, Drawing


Story. Bank robbery. Thief tries to steal as much as possible. He don’t have much time.

For what. I continue to study animation. Here I trying to create locomotion of lifting weight.

  • Character weight- 70kg
  • Objects weight- 50 kg
  • Character age- 18
  • Character is skinny but strong enought to ligt weight
  • Character is thief. He under pressure by time limit. He is greedy.

Story board



Вращение на половину значения через expression


Мне нужну было усовершенствовать изгиб сустава в скелете.
При вращении контрола поварачивался джоинт 1 вместе со 2м, а должен был сглаживать угол, не прямую линию.
Сосдал практическую модель вращения этого суставала.