Test. Knight with two axes

Animation, Rigging

Work in progress. Test animations.

And not finished death animation

Rigged with M-gear and customized after.

I wrote about my pose discovery here.

Here is references.

Сritique- animations for game

Animation, Rigging

Hello! I’m almost finished my character animations for the game. It’s kamikaze vampire. He wears dynamite around his body, so I though it would be cool if he is crazy, because kamikaze isn’t normal guys. He was like a bloodthirsty terrorist. And I haven’t forgotten about his vampire role. When he attacks, he bites neck and drinks blood of this victim. After that he explodes.

I want you to enjoy from my animations. Please, feel free to leave  comment about what you think. I’m beginner in this field and I need some advise or constructive critique. Thank you for attention and your time!

Here playblast from Maya. Idle, walk, run cycles and attack. Later I’ll polish and make demo reel. Stay in touch with this topic.


I wanna to say thanks for helping me out with rig and animation advise to quys from the:



Вращение на половину значения через expression


Мне нужну было усовершенствовать изгиб сустава в скелете.
При вращении контрола поварачивался джоинт 1 вместе со 2м, а должен был сглаживать угол, не прямую линию.
Сосдал практическую модель вращения этого суставала.