References. Knight with two axes.


About the character:

  • heavy knight.
  • age: 35-40
  • two axes
  • angry
  • 90-100kg


  • juggling with axes

My own video ref:


  • sideways, asymmetrically
  • symmetrical with deflated axes

My own video ref


  • rotates as whirligig
  • strike first with one ax, followed by a second ax
  • scissors, one ax goes to the left, the other to the right, intersect, turn over and cross again.
  • british flag
  • strike like on second video below
  • two hands working together
  • strike with jump, reference here
  • british flag with a jump: sits down, the axes goes down. Diagonals from bottom to top. Jump.  In the air, it changes the direction of the axes. Drops down. Beat the diagonal down.


My own video ref. I didn’t find axes so I used hammers, they have less weight but this is ok. My weight is 85 kg.


Reference images for attack:


My own video ref. I fell so many times that my head started to hurt. Here 3 of them:

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